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i grind my palm into my stomach
and it crumbles like the soft rock
towering the highway, crashing on
the paved road.

i am not at a loss as to how it is
i became so weak. i sat myself
down one night a while ago
as i shivered from your words,
and i said

soak it in, let it poison you.

i am not a drug addict. but in you
i looked for the possibility of feeling.

and you did poison me.

i sit within dreams where your mouth
is wet, and tugging me, and my
hands are pressed deep within the 
parts of you that stay warm. 

i am not cold. but my bones ache
as if they are, perhaps it is because
you are so close, or perhaps it is
because the air stills when you
are near.

in the morning i wake with my mouth
dry and my palms wet and my shoulders
aching. and my voice stumbles, as if it
slipped out in the middle of the night
to find you.

i can never find you.
i do not blame you
for the absence.

i know that if you were brave enough
you would stay. i know that if your
skin did not crawl with fever from
the possibility of me, the lack of me

you would be here.
the protector
MBTI and ramblings from stress and lack of sleep and whatever else it is i'm experiencing.
completely cleared out my inbox (there were about a thousand things in there holy hell) 

and so i was wondering if you guys could send some deviations my way.
they can be yours or anyone's. 
who are your favorite da writers lately? da poems/stories? does this place still kick out awesome writings, or has everyone and their words fled to twitter and tumblr?
no more on love. tell me
instead of the hearts you've
beaten, and the way 

they kept on
thuggish lover
you're a bad bitch and you inspire me
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
don't lie to me when
a line of truth can
lift weight like

sometimes i want to be fucked
sometimes i want to be ripped apart
and asked questions, 

(i want you to know i blame you
i want you to know i'm moving 
inwards, and onwards, and 
there are hands that are much
more gentle than the pair
you had stuffed in me)

but i am feeling empty.
i think i gave you more weight
than words (and 
if we're being truthful

you and i were only

i'm not being honest
i never am with words

i am a liar
also known as: writer



Artist | Literature
heavily preoccupied poor book-thieving twenty one year old that sometimes writes.

note: i am terrible at responding. it's nothing personal. i'm losing my mind.


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